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Countdown to Game 1 of the 2017 season

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Boden Mills (left) accepted a scholarship to pitch at the College of Southern Idaho.  Tanner McGrath (center) accepted a scholarship to play at Big Bend Community College.  Brendan Boily (right) accepted a scholarship to pitch at the College of Southern Idaho<a href="Photo.aspx?photoId=230915&">&nbsp;Rate &amp; Comment</a>
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ANNOUNCEMENT: 8th and 9th Grade "OPEN" Winter Workouts start today
Open winter workouts are starting for prospective 8th and 9th players.  The hitting facility will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:30 PM for this age group. These sessions will run Jan. 9th through Feb. 20th; there is no charge to
ANNOUNCEMENT: Winter Workouts 2018
We are doing our best to finish the new indoor hitting facility.  Our tentative start date for winter workouts/camps is Jan. 8th.  A schedule of days and times will be posted very soon.  Thanks for your patience!  Coach Rasmussen&
ANNOUNCEMENT: Mavs finish off Meridian 9-4
Ryan McCormick got the start and went three strong innings, giving up three runs on five hits.  JadonYancey came in and contributed 3.1 quality innings – giving up one run on two hits.  Riley Harrison closed it out by not giving up a hit ov
Mills throws a shutout for the win despite the Mavs bats going quite.
Boden Mills was dealing on the hill but the Mavs' bats were quiet.  Mills pitched a four hit shutout against Nampa.   The Mavs mustered 3 runs on 8 hits to secure the win for Mills. Tanner McGrath got things going for the Mavs wit
Mavs bats overcome a slow start to finish off Eagle 11-2.
It took the Mavs three innings to get the offense going, but they opened it up late to back Charlie Alandt’s complete game effort on the hill.  The Mavs had their chances early but could not capitalize.  Alandt pitched a gem to keep the Mav
Mavs can't get it done at Columbia
Ryan McCormick got the start and went 3.2 innings while giving up four earned runs.  Riley Harrison came on to finish things up and went 2.1 innings to close out the 2-4 loss to Columbia.  The Mavs got things going in the top of the second
Mavs bust out the bats early and often to take down Columbia 12 -4
The Mavs bats backed a strong start by Devon Sharts by plating five runs in the bottom of the first. Sharts would go on to pitch three scoreless innings while giving up five hits.  Caleb Nielbeck and Jaydon Yancey came from the pen to finis